1. Have a 11 international dt that won’t start. Bought the truck last a little over a year ago and had to rebuild engine after one month $$$. Few months later had to replace hpop. Truck hasn’t been drove much but I was checking fluids on it and coolant reservoir had lots of oil in it. Oil level hasn’t dropped alot nor has the coolant level. Figured it was oil cooler. Was gonna move it into shop and it will not start. Sounds different when cranking as well. Will not even start on starting fluid, not even a little bit. It does not build oil pressure while cranking. Codes are engine exhaust valve actuation system oil pressure, brake switch, and engine turbocharger 1 outlet pressure. SPN 4287, SPN 5541 and SPN 597. Any suggestions. I have $90k invested in this truck when it’s only worth around $30k. It’s getting a new home if it gets running again


  2. Does not build oil pressure? Its not supposed to until you fire it up. Then the oil pressure is required to be past 25 to whatever value it likes within 8 seconds of a successful start. If not you need to shut down and check for problems.


  3. Yeah we bought it used for $40k. It’s a rollback tow truck. Cost us $28k for rebuild. $6k for hpop. A few more thousand for odd and end things. I over exaggerated $90 a bit but for what we have invested we could have a brand new truck


  4. Can you monitor ICP and fuel pressure with your scan tool? Fuel pump is electric on those and makes 95 psi, (computer only reads up to 75 psi though). ICP should be over 500 psi to start. What is your cranking rpm, voltage?


  5. It says it can show fuel pressure but doesn’t. I just got a cheap diagnostic tool. Got any suggestions on something that will read icp and fuel pressure? Not sure what sensor this is but we replaced a sensor on the back of the hpop twice. Think it was the ipr


  6. Yeah, at the back of hpop is the pressure regulator. We use dealership level laptops running Navistar engine Diagnostics. I do not know of other programs that work fully and correctly.


  7. HeavyD, I need some of your insight… We are working on a 2010 Maxxforce DT. We swapped the head because it was bad. After swapping the head, we think we aren’t getting enough oil pressure at the ICP to get the truck started. We’ve already replaced the IPR valve. As of right now, we are getting 472 psi at the ICP and 55 psi fuel pressure. Any thoughts on why we aren’t getting enough oil pressure at the ICP?


  8. Had to replace hpop in my rig and one of the things my mechanic checked before replacing hpop was some oil rails under the valve cover. Said it was common for the orings to fail. But I’m sure your new head came with new stuff


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  9. Remove the rocker cover, unplug all the injectors and crank the engine and watch for oil pouring from the high pressure rail anywhere. Must be a leak somewhere.


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