1. Good afternoon fellas I have a 2012 Freightliner Coronado with a 13 speed Eaton transmission in it and my driver just said he lost 5th gear and 10th gear there has been sure initial downpours with the rain so I thought it could be electrical there was a few of the gears like Saturday nights that did it also now it’s strictly 5th and 10th anybody have any ideas I was told it could be the splitter valve


  2. Sorry that got messed all up that’s what I get for trying to talk to an electronic device anyway a few other gears messed up but now it’s just 9th gear which is the last hole with the overdrive .


  3. Standard or autoshift?


  4. Standard. There is nothing in the big hole just like it was in neutral but there was no grinding drag or vibration and the rest of the transmission is fine.


  5. Really sounds like the rail isn’t moving the fork. Likely a broke fork or the roll pin that holds the fork in position on the rail is broke. Should see it easy enough by pulling the top off.


  6. Ok so just take the shift tower off?


  7. Wouldn’t that cause all the shifting to be messed up? It shifts fine driver drove it 150 miles like that to get it out of laredo


  8. You know that would affect the gear opposite of it, at any rate its gotta come out. I would pull the top just to see. The teeth on the slide collar have to mesh to gear teeth. If it acts like it’s in neutral then the fork cant be moving that way for what ever reason


  9. Drain the lube and drop the PTO cover and check for pieces. Sounds broken to me. Reman time and a new clutch ……get back on the road.


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