Hi, newbie here.
I thank you in advance.
A friend has this 1987 600 series International and the fan for the heater doesn’t work. I applied 12v to the fan motor and it works fine.
I pulled the + wire off the motor and connected it to my multimeter. When I operate the fan switch on the dash, I get zero when in the bottom most position (this makes sense, position is off), .43 volts in the second position, 2.4 volts on the next highest position and 8 volts in the top position.

What do you experts think? Is the switch bad? Are the resistors bad? Where are the resistors? In the switch or somewhere else?
And why are there 5 wires connected to the back of that switch? Are the resistors not inside the switch?
There’s also another connector mounted in the bottom of the plenum near the blower motor. The wire feeding the blower motor comes from there. Is that the resistors?



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