1. I just cant figure this out . Truck was running fine but leaking freon , so, I put in the dye to find the leakage . I never got a chance , then parked it for 6 months with dye and freon in the system . Picked up the truck after a head rebuilt and head gasket , now , the fan is constantly running . The solenoid whistles when you turn the ignition. just like normal and at that time ,I can also freely spin the fan . I went ahead and changed the temperature sensor by the block and the high low ac switch on the line . When this didnt resolve , I changed the fan switch on the ac dryer thinking it would stop . The fan is still running constantly . I was thinking I had too much freon , so I tried purging the low side , but there is no pressure in the ac line . What do you guys think ? Dryer clogged up ? Quick info , the old fan switch cuts the fan on after 10 minutes of idling but the new fan switch immediately cuts the fan on when I crank up the truck


  2. Take air supply off fan solenoid and see if that shuts the fan off.


  3. That the last sensor I changed ….that was the fan cycle sensor


  4. Is that the same one going into the side of the fan clutch ? .what if it stops when I take off that supply ? What will that tell me ?


  5. It’s a small cylinder looking device on front of gear cover with air line going to fan clutch. Remove side going to clutch. If fan disengages could be a stuck solenoid. I can’t remember if air engages it or not but mine done the same thing and changing that fixed it


  6. I thought the fan solenoid was the cylinder type thing connected to the coolant reservoir?, At least it was in my 2 freight liners……


  7. I have seen it . With mine , air stops it with going to the clutch . I will try and report back


  8. Yes, it is from what I know .


  9. This is how mine is. Electrical connection to air solenoid that engages/disengages fan


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