We have a 2003 Mack tri axle dump truck.

387,500 miles or 19,800 hours on original engine.

Since I’ve now taken over servicing the entire fleet at our company (while also driving transport trucks), this truck has been an issue to me.

Every time I change the oil at 12,500 miles (700-1000 hours) the oil is like tar when it drains out.

I’ll change the filters, put 8 gallons (30 litres or so) of new oil in, start the truck, build oil pressure, shut it down, check the level….

Where’s the new oil? It looks like I haven’t changed it.

I spoke to my boss about it. I told him that maybe we should go by the hour meter instead of the odometer as the truck only averages 19.5 miles per hour stop and go.

We change all the oils in our construction
equipment at around 300-500 hours depending on which machine.

So far none of our machines make thick ugly looking oil when I drain them and they’re clean looking after a change.

I suggested we do like the machines, yes it’s almost double the oil changes but I don’t need a oil sample to tell me the oil is way past due.

I believe every machine is different, some can go a long time between changes and some cannot.

My boss’s son is like the devil on his other shoulder whispering in his ear not to listen to me. He said the oil is good quality and good for 12,500 miles no problem all of our trucks.

What happens? The boss listens to his son….

I installed a new turbo on this truck 3 years ago, and now there’s a brand new one on as of yesterday. Last one leaked oil into the intake.

Our 3406B Cat powered trucks went 33,500 miles between oil changes with no issues but they burn pretty clean.

So I’m wondering what would be the best way to clean up the engine to make it work better and keep the oil cleaner?



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