Even though I am 100% anti Peterbilt and anti caterpillar, of those two trucks I would have to go with the older one., assuming they are in the same condition. It probably has EGR but doesn’t have the rest of that emissions nonsense.

The Peterbilt is terrible, if you have anywhere that you don’t have multiple football fields you won’t be able to back in or turn around, the windshield will leak and cause you electrical problems, the gauges will go crazy. The cab is small and cramped. That stupid brake pedal on the floor will trap dirt and your brakes won’t work right, and that goofy clutch through the floorboard some moron designed that. It never can have the nice feel of a regular clutch pedal. I have even heard that the thermostat will not hold a constant temperature so in the middle of the night you’re either freezing or sweating. I’d be completely embarrassed to have that truck and I would feel ripped off that I paid that amount of money for such a turd. The only thing that is just as sickening is what that Caterpillar engine will cost when it needs work. That can literally make a grown man cry tears of regret. I have seen it happen before my own eyes. And that was a guy that had more money than most of us…

Really I would advise you to look for an older Freightliner with a series 60 or an n14. For those trucks and those engines parts are plentiful and cheap.

Then again, if you buy the Peterbilt there will always be some sucker that wants the Big Pete with the big cat so you can always unload it and buy a good truck.

They had PT Barnum in mind when they made those trucks. Smh…



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