1. I run a 2007 379 short hood with a C15 625 twin. Last night I parked at a Flying J and let it idle all night, usually I don’t cause I have a bunk heater but I didn’t want my fuel to gel overnight. When I did my pre-trip in the AM I noticed about a 3 inch diameter puddle of oil underneath of the blowby tube which I’ve never noticed before. Could this mean big problems? If it’s idling for a longer period of time I always bump it up to about 800 rpms, I idled 900 all night. The truck has 888,342 miles and the engine was overhauled around 310k according to the sticker. It was ran pretty hard that day grossing 79.5 across 200 miles of 9% grades but I rarely run it over 1,650 rpms so it’s not like I beat the #### out of it


  2. My guess is that you have had some blow by for a while – but have not sat still long enough in the same spot with engine running to see any noticeable accumulation on the ground. How much oil do you typically use? Any change in oil consumption since that night?


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    It probably wouldn’t take much more than a teaspoon full of oil to make a 3” circle over a ten hour break.


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