1. original problem low icp and extended crank or no start when warm. Did high pressure test leaking under valve cover. Replaced all 6 inlet adapters and all 6 injectors. Replaced ICP sensor.Changed oil and oil filter.Road tested under full throttle icp went to 4916 immediately. Then check engine light comes on and derates Back off the throttle and it calms down and goes back into closed loop. Drove truck for over 20 miles no difference. Let truck run at 1200 rpm for 3 hours no change. Replaced IPR same result. As soon as you go full throttle under load pulling hill it hits 4916 even when desire is like 3800. Cruising or idle icp is right with desired. IPR at idle is 24%.


  2. Double check the injectors you installed. 2007 Maxxforce is different than 2010 and this will happen.


  3. Did you ever solve this problem? I have the same problem happening the only thing I didn’t do is injectors.


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