I have a 2012 Maxx13 with 193,000 miles on it, that has begun putting oil out of the exhaust stacks and is very noticeable on the nose of a white colored hopper bottom trailer that it pulls.
Truck is used to haul grain locally and is using 1/2 to 3/4 gallon of oil in roughly 1200-1300 miles a week
The truck runs and drives at it should and will make 40 pounds of boost if you need it to.
Truck is serviced regularly and well maintained.

Air to air hoses are clean and no contamination to high pressure intercooler upon quick inspection by removing the boots and pipes.

I have not completely removed and checked the low pressure box and its components yet but i do have the forward most connector off and can look down inside somewhat and it appears clean as well.

There is a lot of oily contamination on the outside of the low pressure intercooler box and there is oil leaking from the (bottom) low pressure turbo housing as well and the contamination seems to be more wet toward the back of the engine where the last, most rearward, mounting bolt for the LP intercooler box is. (basically its directly below the center of the low pressure turbo)

The upper turbo (high pressure) oil drain back hose is leaking where it mounts to the turbo itself.

There is some play in the turbine shaft on both turbos.
Not enough play that I can put pressure on it sideways and not be able to spin the shaft but yet there is play in both turbos.
It seems that the lower turbo has more than the top one but there is no damage to either housing from a blade strike or rubbing from looking at the from inlet side of both turbos

Other than one or both of the turbos going out on it, is there something else on the this engine that would cause this oil loss issue out the exhaust?

Big Joe



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