1. Our fleet was thinking about purchasing some new Prostars with Cummins engines in them. We have heard rumors that you cant idle the engines or it will burn out the pistons. Anyone heard of this or anything similar to it?


  2. I’ve heard that none of these new motors like extended idling anymore. Has to do with the dpf. I’m pretty sure even with the def being added to the 2015 internationals, there is still a dpf on them.



  3. Idling is a deal breaker with those new engines. OTR, an APP or generator is a must. Give a Cummins rep a call. They’d happily talk to you about it !


  4. Yes, the DEF engines still have a DPF. Low idling doesn’t cause the fuel to burn as thoroughly as running under a load does, and this will clog a DPF up more quickly.
    I’ve never about the pistons burning up… our Cummins trucks are set to idle when temperatures exceed certain limits (heat or cold), and so they do get idled in inclimate weather. I’ve heard of no such problems with the pistons – but don’t take that as me saying it doesn’t happen. As said above, the Cummins rep can better give you the ins and outs of it.


  5. That’s what we would be doing idling the trucks when the temp gets to low. Just wanted to see if there was any issues since we have had so many problems with the Max force engines in general.


  6. Nobody seems terribly fond of Maxxforce. We run primarily Cummins, with a smaller number of the PACCAR MX, Volvo D13, and Maxxforce engines… hands down, the Maxxforce is the least favored of them all.


  7. Finally managed to catch one just as the tech was about to pull it out… didn’t give me much time for photos, but here’s what I got… unfortunately, this wasn’t one with the Cummins (we do have some).. it had the TrashForce.. hopefully, the condenser is the same…



  8. Let me explain something, the new engines of today are very advanced. The fuel not burning properly is I think a thing of the past. The computer is so advanced, it can take care of it. I know I read about Volvo being able to have the turbo fluctuate at idle, or something to that effect to prevent the need to raise the idle. If you do idle, it wont bother the DPF, as long as you get in and drive it will clear it self out. If you’re idling 2 days at a time, well you may have to do a parked regen. But, 10-20 hours I don’t see there being any problem. When you say it “causes the filter to plug,” it sounds catastrophic. The filter will build up and will clean itself out. I have a new ISX in a 2015 International. At 400 HP and with a 10 speed in an OTR application pulling a dry van, I’m not too impressed with the power. It lacks low end torque and on most slight hills you will drop speed and have to down shift. Even if you don’t have to down shift, expect to drop a few MPH. I got 8.4 MPG with 73k on flat ground, and 6.7 MPG on flat/hilly/mixed highway and city driving around 65 MPH with NO IDLE time with the same weight. It sure is a QUIET engine though. Jake performance is acceptable, but I swear my 2009 ISX had better jakes and power than this, both had the same HP ratings.


  9. The reason the engine brakes feel like they had more power on the 09 is because they did.


  10. It seems like the new motors need higher rpm for the engine brakes to work properly. In this 05 freightliner with the mbe4000 I have to be clear up to 2300 rpm to get max braking force. Motor sounds like it is gonna blow up but that’s what the spec sheet calls for. Can even go as high as 2500 in emergency cases but no higher.


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