1. Hello all, new to the forum, I have been using it recently and getting a lot of good information. Now I’m to a point I figured I may as well make a thread since I can’t find what I need so far. I’m working on a 2015 International Prostar with the ISX 15 and Eaton Advantage 10 speed. Truck is having what feels like engagement issues, as though the clutch is intermittently engaging and disengaging unprompted. Has no active codes in Insite or Service Ranger, though has code 5297 logged on Insite, and codes; 13, 22, 36, 74, and an un-numbered code with the description “Engine/transmission match-bad intelligent device or component.” Initially Began inspecting physical connections to the tecu and eca, no obvious faults in the harness or connectors. Checked clutch wear and fork adjustment, everything seems ok. Looked up code 5297 on Quickserve, advises of a tsb for this sort of problem with the programming for engine and trans not communicating properly. Unsure if any programming has been done recently that may have caused this. Began basic electrical checks to rule out issues, found the resistance across c and d of the dlc is fluctuating between 50 and 130 ohms, and the voltage is identical at c and d, 2.03 or so. Located Terminating resistors on top of trans and at the def tank, both good at roughly 120 ohms. Began disconnecting modules on the circuit to find where it would change to normal. Initially found the resistance would drop to normal after the truck powered down after key off for about 5-10 minutes. Found BCM has battery power, unplugged the tan j5 connector and resistance changed to normal. Tried putting a donor bcm on the truck no change. Began removing pins from j5 to see which ones caused the change, none found except pins f2 and f3, for j1939. Still no change. Removed all modules from circuit; ecmc, abs, tech, bcm, and both terminating resistors and I am still getting about 120 ohms at c and d. The only other module associated with this circuit is the predictive cruise module but the truck does not have a radar eye on the front and i believe predates Internationals system anyways. If anyone can provide any insight experiences or possible explanations, or point out what in doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it.



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