1. I have a 1997 peterbilt 379 with cat 3406e fresh out frame with new head and just got injectors done and all fuel lines changed every sensor has been changed, also fuel pump and fuel check valve has been changed. I’ve changed injector harness as well it still shutters and misses underload only does it around 1400rpms and between 20-30psi boost if I throttle it it’ll go away or let off if I hold it that spot or cruise it just shakes back and fourth I’m stomped have read a lot on here trying find fix and done everything everyone has said. It has also been dyno tuned and cutout ran and cutout shows all is fine. Please help sorry for one long sentence. It’s a 5ek serial number. Has 58 injectors and 800 cam and 78mm borgewarner turbo.


  2. Probably not what you want to hear but there is a good chance it’s the cam. I have seen several with a 800 cam have incurable miss or stutter.


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  4. ive heard cam could cause stutter but way past the normal places I run trucks like past 1500rpms I don’t rev my truck past 1600rpms this only occurs underload around 1400rpmz and at 20-30psi figure it was cam it would cause it all the time. We have also put sight glass on return and no bubbles so doubt it’s air in fuel system I also have airdog champ 2 spin on on it. I’m still leaning toward the injectors. Just tired throwing money at it.


  5. I ran that cam for a little while in my 1LW. I ended up taking it back out. All kinda wierd drivability issues with it. Put stock one back in and it ran beautiful after that.


  6. Unless you can hear or feel a miss before running a cut-out test, the test will pass. Hard part is getting truck to act up in the shop or road test. One way I have been able to get them to miss in shop on Cat motor is hold them to floor on throttle, let up throttle 100 rpm and flip on manual fan override and stab back to full throttle. Injector can fail many of ways, especially half wore out reman with used armatures.


  7. We are gonna try put a bigger set injectors if that don’t work I will pull the cam out and just run with the 58 injectors. Thank u guys for input I’ll keep y’all updated.


  8. So we put some bigger injectors from a 750hp c18 and feels better but shutter is still slightly there but now it’s at lower rpm and lower speeds. So my next step is to pull the cam and try the stock cam and just run the 58 injectors back in there and retune it with the 58s and stock cam.


    bigguns and swaan Thank this.


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