Also you want some way of disinfecting and clearing that buddy’s machine of all dirty stuff in it from the buddy, the last thing you want is to acquire illness from him that came out of that machine. It can literally be a petri dish quietly colony bacteria that happily multiplies waiting for a human host to really enjoy. Thats you.

Find a device that will clean that thing absolute. And disinfect same.

If your insurance is worthless to you, dump it. There is no point in paying for something you cannot use. One trip to the ER in a few hours for certain problems will run you a 8 to 10K medical billing anyway. Most good hospitals are willing to write some of it off or have charity take care of some of it. And make payments on the rest, even if it’s 10.00 a month.

My last billing with my insurance with the hospital came out to about 140,000 dollars all together. Insurance paid as of December last year 62000 dollars clear. They negotiated back and forth (I have a form of Medicare, not the original government policy but one that is similar TO medicare and combines a second partial policy that I pay on each month which makes sure where possible 100% of medical costs are paid by insurance leaving me with relatively tiny bills to pay each month. Ive got about 450 dollars to go and pending another 300 in co pays from the heart doctor just this past month. Plus small charges from blood lab workups and nuclear scanning etc. The insurance billing has already exceeded 15,000 just the last 5 weeks alone in testing with him. They found essentially nothing. BP is in order, way below DOT limits and heart rate not a problem. The rest of it is whistle clean. The valves are still bad but nothing they can or need to do right now. I’ll out live anyone based on heart. It will be something else that kills me.

My BMI is a little high but otherwise not enough to trigger a sleep study for a DOT exam. Which is taken at my personal doctor, not concentra (Or ever….) that is the other thing. If a company sends me to a third party like concentra for testing DOT medical, they will have to find another employee. I refuse to physically walk inside a office that is designed with a reputation for herding everyone into a sleep study. Thats me. I can afford to have that position on principle. I have already been monitored to the Nth degree by the hospital when sleeping, if there was a problem with Apena there they would have found it last year. So thats another issue I know I do not have.

Thats my two cents.

IF you are sent into a sleep lab? You will NOT sleep. If they really want me to sleep in that kind of place with 1000 wires covering my body and head, they need to set a IV going and break out the Profofol. That will give them at least a few hours of sleepy beddy bye to work with.



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