Personally, I’m a bit of a slob. No, you won’t see me on that TV show Hoarders, but I do have a habit of holding onto things for far too long. Whether it’s magazines, coffee mugs, and leftover Chinese, I’m still working on completing that final step. You know, the one where you actually throw things out? I certainly know I’m not the only one. Is your cab starting to look like a hamper or trash bin instead of an actual place to store things? Don’t worry, all you need is some TLC and a few handy organizing tools and you’ll be freeing up some space in no time. Below, we’ll go over some great semi truck cab organizer tips so you can find the best storage options while you’re on the road.

Semi Truck Cab Organizer Tips

Now, if you’re hip to pop culture, you might recognize the name, Marie Kondo. Okay, I can hear the crickets chirping. Well, to catch you up to speed, Marie recently starred in a show all about organizing your life. I promise you, it’s more interesting than it sounds, and it’s well worth the watch. The show found great success and pushed thousands of people to clean up their lives, rooms, cars, and numerous other aspects of their life. Now, I’m certainly no Marie Kondo, but I can promise you that I can offer up some great semi truck cab organizer tips.

semi truck cab organizer

Get Into a Routine

One of the best semi truck cab organizer tips I can provide is to get into a routine. If you can figure out how to make organization second nature, it’s going to become less of a chore and more of a reflex. When you wake up, something as simple as making your bed can put you in the right direction towards keeping your rig organized. If you’re not spending nights in your cab, make sure to throw away any food wrappers or cups that you may accumulate throughout the day. As simple as it sounds, simply putting things back where you got them can save you organizing time later on.

Find Storage Wherever You Can

Another one of my favorite semi truck organizer tips is to find storage wherever you can. This might mean you’ve got to get a little creative when you’re putting things away. Take a microwave for example. That bad boy will normally sit empty, taking up precious organizational space within your cab. Instead, clear up space by putting your bowls or other dishes until you use them (disclaimer: don’t accidentally turn the microwave on with dangerous items inside).

Let It Hang

One of the biggest mistakes that truckers make when it comes to being a semi truck organizer is not taking advantage of the walls in the cab. Hanging organizers are a lifesaver for many truckers looking to keep things neat and tidy. Not only is it out of your way when you’re moving around the cab, but it makes things easy to access when they’re hanging right by you. Some truckers will use something as simple as hanging baskets in order to create space in the cab.

Lock It Down

I’m sure many truckers have nightmares about it – the dreaded road rattle. You’re cruising down the road and all you hear is the steady click of those olives bouncing against the jar of spaghetti sauce. Plates and bowls are often the culprits when it comes to that annoying rattling. Eliminating road rattle will give you peace of mind as well as help with any potential spills or accidents on the horizon. One way you can prevent this is to tie things down. We recommend using bungee cords or straps to keep your items in place. It’ll keep them from falling as well as constantly rattling. Another option is to buy paper plates and plastic utensils. These are easy to get rid of and are certainly much quieter when traveling.

What did you think of these semi truck cab organizer tips? How do you declutter when you’re on the road? Comment below!


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