I guess if your thing is fuel, you can expect the best in equipment. You wont be driving beat up old wore out abused trucks.

You probably know that if you are attentive to the people around you and the overall situation, you will never have a problem. Part of this is related to thinking about what people are up to. For example….

Here comes someone on the left real fast and there is a exit to your right. You are in the middle lane. Three things are possible. Mr Speedy will zip on. OR cut across your front diving for the exit or bounce into your lane and slam on the brakes forcing you into a no win situation.

IF you are planning and acting on the Mr Speedy problem before he reaches your trailer you are well ahead of him. Particularly if he has a nasty face, armwaving, yelling etc. Road rage. You already see a problem long before you have to act.

Some drivers just space out and stare into the distance unable to do anything when trouble making Mr speedy does something stupid around them or you.

Now if you were near DC and had 10,000 speedies intent on getting to their government seats of power such as extends to the edge of their cubicles…. you might wanna stop and grab breakfast for a hour until all that sorts out. Prevents a accident.

My trouble is what I don’t see coming. My first car was literally a granny who was not where I expected her to be when I checked the mirror. She was aggressive and sitting next to my right steer axle when I made the lane change. All the way up here from all the way back there. I never saw her. Then again if I looked twice I would have.

Such as trucking. Anything is possible. The main thing is to make money. Minus your expenses out here and build savings. You will not be doing this forever. You only have one spine.



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