1. Hello everyone! A friend and myself are looking to start a small business specializing in flatbed/gooseneck expediting and hotshots. He has about 6 years experience working in operations, dispatch, and invoicing for a freight forwarding company, and has noticed that it is very difficult to find flatbed/gooseneck operators so they miss out on a lot of business in that area. Our plan is to have a super duty truck and 20′ goose neck and initially start with loads under 10,000 lbs and only making 5-10 runs a week to begin with and even partnering with his current company due to the fact that they have a hard time finding LTL shipping. The aim is to bring in drivers to make these runs using our equipment. I’m digging deep into my research, but any advice would be much welcome. Also, one of my questions that I am having a hard tome answers is, are there drivers out there that would do this part time or as needed and how hard is it to find them typically? Thanks in advance!


  2. Everyone on here is going to tell you not to do it and that you will fail.


  3. Is that because it’s truly not a good plan or for some other reason?


  4. I don’t know I’m not a business man. If the loads pay for the truck and driver it should work.


  5. They have a hard time finding trucks, because they don’t pay enough. There is an abundance of trucks out there


  6. It’s not an issue of pay, it’s finding those specific trucks to expedite the loads quickly. We wouldn’t be contemplating this if as simple as the pay not being right.


  7. What is an example of what the loads pay?


  8. So about half of the loads aren’t secured due to pay being too low, but those are usually due to going through a broker as well. The other half, there just simply aren’t enough the specific haulers available.


  9. Specific meaning Flatbed Hot shots?


  10. Yessir


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