Hey y’all, I’ve researched as much as I could and I’m still lost. I have a Bendix AD-IS in this Pro Star I just bought- still working out the bugs Knight didn’t. O bought the truck a couple months ago when it was warm. First time it dropped into the low 40’s, the air pressure would build to about 140 psi or so on the gauges, and the safety valve would pop, air pressure would drop to about 70 psi, and build back up.

Last night, I hunkered down under 2 comforters and shut her down as it hit 16° in upstate NY. I started the truck this morning, and it must’ve popped off about a good 8-10 times until it finally warmed up enough and purged at 120 psi like it’s supposed to.

Any idea why the cold is causing the air drier to build up too much pressure?



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