If the purge valve failed wouldn’t it just stay open and purge whatever air was coming into the system? I had that before. Actually my air dryer crapped out on the second day after I bought the truck. It looked original, like a rusted out hunk of ####. Had a Love’s mechanic do a bypass but bought a new dryer anyway for the winter. Maybe it is just a coincidence that it happened when it got cold and it’s another issue, maybe it does have something to do with outside temperature.

It doesn’t shoot all the time. Every other time it purges, it simply flutters, and on rare occasions it purges with a barely audible puff.

My air compressor looks original, in that it looks like a rusted piece of crap. So I’d guess the governor is also original. It’s cheap enough, guess I’ll try to change that first and see if it works. Are governors universal or are they specific to the engine or air dryer?



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