i have low air leaf on one of my units. It is positively heavenly along with the air ride cab vs my ag100 and bolted cab on my kW.

I am looking at replacing this unit.
The most likely candidates are equipped with air trac suspension.

I’ve heard mixed reviews; from “it handles off-road very well” to “it rides tougher than a mother####er” to “springs and bushings wear a lot faster than other suspensions”

I do mostly highway, with some jobsite. Longer wheelbase should help the ride some, but I’m not convinced it will be great.

Who has run both the air trac and low air leaf and can give me an evaluation on both?

I need full lockers IMO tho the setup I have now only has interaxle/diff lock. I expect with a bit more wheelbase it will be easier to break traction in a couple fairly regular places.



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