Both are over ten weeks and at 160 hrs. I know Smith & Solomon is around $5K and offers lifetime job placement. American Driver just advertises that people from their school are highly sought after and they have a “97% employment rate for graduates who may receive $3,000 to $10,000 in signing bonuses from top over-the-road trucking companies”. It doesn’t say anything as to what they charge. I also looked up reviews. Smith & Solomon is at five stars with thirty reviews going back three years. American Driver has four point three stars with fifty-five reviews going back three years. They have seven one star reviews with comments within the last year, the most recent of which was nine months ago. One comment speaks of the training being bad and another says that the tuition does not stick to the agreed upon rate. Another comment further down rated them low and said training is $5.2K.

So far I’m leaning towards Smith & Solomon but a lot of people have been trying to push me towards American Driving so I wanted to ask if anyone knew anything about them.



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