When I inquired with a small carrier about leasing on, they informed me that they take 20% of the load revenue and I get the rest. This’ll be my first time leasing with a carrier.

The first question that came to mind was, is that a typical split or would I be doing myself harm agreeing to that kind of split?

Then I realized it probably depends on what you get with that 20%. In other words, what am I buying with 20% of the revenue–an amount, mind you, that is greater than my marginal/effective tax rate.

I could list all the things they provide for that amount, but instead, I think it would be useful to know what you would expect to get for that kind of money.

So, is 20% an absurd number, and if not, what would you mind to see from a carrier for that split? If it is an absurd number, what is a more reasonable amount?




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