1. Can anyone help me find a carrier to lease on to that will allow me to use paper Logs? I have an ELD exempt glider and have been running under my own authority the last 4 years. I live in GA and would be hauling dry van. Thanks in advance.


  2. If looking to pull flatbed I know of one that has customer freight with lanes going through ga. If interested you can pm me.


  3. Thanks but I’m looking for van. I’m an old man :)


  4. lol… Heck my neighbor is 79 and he pulls a flatbed every week. But everyone has their own comfort level. Craigslist would be a good place maybe to find carriers that are more local to you.


  5. I thought every one had to have a eld now? If that’s not true I may rethink the o/o I idea.


  6. No the exemptions haven’t changed. Just the grandfathered devices now have to be fully compliant.


  7. We’ve been saying this for over 2 years. Why do some people still not get it?


  8. My whole trucking life ive had a eld. Minus one week. So I never got into knowing any better.


  9. I wish I was your age. LOL


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