1. Ive been interested in getting into pulling containers around Atlanta or out of Savannah. Wondering what companies are good, any good lease purchase programs worth the time? How much can u make? Any and all info would be great. Thanks


  2. May want to look into Comtrak Logistics out of Memphis, TN…. They have gotten really big in intermodal! I don’t drive for them but have family that has driven for them in the past…said they were a great company..just wanted to move to specialized freight!!


  3. Thanks for the info, I’ve been looking at them. I’m currently pulling a cement tanker locally and business is just too unstable. Seems there are always containers moving around tho.


  4. I saw a JB Hunt daycab pulling one the other day near Atlanta…


  5. Honestly, I think I might try JB Hunt and Schneider first. They both do a lot of intermodal business and at least you know you’ll be driving and pulling decent equipment, which is more than can be said about many container haulers.


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  6. I’ve looked at them both, they are too far of a commute tho. They run out of fairburn which is over an hour from me.


  7. Comtrak’s is now owned by HubGroup. Check into Morgan Southern. Or hell, go over to the rail yard and see who’s pulling out of there and check into them all.


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  8. JB is way bigger in the intermodal exp here in minnesota.


  9. i pull for road link out of savannah. we do southeast regional and home every night we run thru athens a lot going to jefferson, pendergrass and gainesville. its a really good gig for those who like to be home daily and off on the weekends. pm me and i can shoot you my number and fill you in on it and we are hiring right now.


  10. Comtrak is the best intermodal company


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