well I will start out by saying January has been a very long month for me. I had an injury at home, involved my child spilling milk on the floor and my slipping on the milk and having my knee go through a ceramic cabinet knob. the knob sheared off and ripped my knee cap apart. I had 10 stitches and was out of work for 2 weeks. I went back into the truck this Monday. while I was out on injury someone else broke the transmission in my truck. its a manual 18 speed, not sure if this was user error, I just know its broke and I wasn’t driving it.

while I was out truck 88 had to go in for autoshift issues. truck 85 had just come back from Kenworth. it had a valve drop into the combustion chamber and they replaced the engine. truck 87 just went to Kenworth the other day, the drive said the truck just went bezerk. transmission codes AND the truck start to brake itself. it had to be towed to Kenworth. today truck 90 had to be towed to Kenworth for more autoshift issues. driver fueled his truck and it wouldn’t move anymore.

these trucks are all T880’s with paccar engines, with the exception of my truck 84 they are all autoshift. are they really that bad? with a smaller fleet like ours (45 trucks) that amount of downtime is ridiculous. im sure my boss gets to the point where he has a hard time finding extra trucks to fill in for broken trucks. these trucks are all 2-3 years old with less then 300K miles on them.

the trucks that run the best? an older T800, an older freightliner SD120, and a couple of older T680’s he still has. seems like most of the new trucks are garbage quality. why does the trucking industry not demand better reliability?



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