I’m happy with my current company and would like to stay here, but I’ve had quite a few low paying weeks in the last two months. Also, I heard a rumor that things will be drastically changing for the worse for my position at the company soon. So, I’m looking for a new gig just in case.

I have five years driving experience this month. I have a clean record.

I like tanks, but I’m pretty much over putting on a chemical suit to unload stuff, so it would need to either be 100% drop and hook if hazmat, or 100% food grade. I’ve never pulled a box before, but I’m willing to consider dry van or maybe reefer if the pay and benefits are really good.

Here’s the “nice to have” part: I also want to avoid the east, and especially the northeast, and especially everything from DC to Boston, if I can. I know, “it’s where all the people live.” (That’s exactly the problem, by the way.)

I live in the Denver area and want to get home every three to six weeks. I also want to go to Iowa every two or three months. Other than that, I’m generally happy to live in the truck. I’m not interested in a local gig, since being home every night would be not good, so I’m thinking LTL and linehaul is out. Regional would be OK, but getting home more than every other week might be too much.

Edit: Also, I will not tolerate a driver-facing camera. I can put up with most of the rest of the crap some companies like to do, though.

Another edit: And if you suggest your company, I’ll be happy to put your name on my application if I decide to apply so you can get some bonus money.

Any suggestions?



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