Recently the TN trucking company Averitt Express was honored with a fleet safety award. The Tennessee Trucking Association gave the carrier and its drivers the LTL and TL fleet safety awards. The 89th Annual Convention at the Tennessee Trucking Association recognized Averitt Express with two different awards. This includes the LTL Fleet Safety Award and the Truckload Fleet Safety Award. Learn what this means for you if you want to become a truck driver at Averitt Express.

LTL and Truckload Fleet Safety Awards

At the Tennessee Trucking Association award ceremony, Averitt Express was not just a winner but a top-ranking carrier. Averitt Express received the first place prize for LTL Fleet Safety and third place for Truckload Fleet Safety. This is for a couple of different areas including safe driving and performance. The way the trucking companies are ranked is according to the specific mileage category and how many accidents the carriers’ drivers had. That means this TN trucking company is at the top of the ratings.

About Averitt Express in TN

semi truck for averitt expressAveritt Express is a trucking company in Tennessee that has a dozen different haul types for drivers. You are able to work in the dry van truckload, flatbed hauls, and temperature-controlled freight haul divisions. The carrier also hires drivers for less than truckload (LTL) and dedicated hauls, while providing brokerage and warehousing services. As a result, there’s always plenty of freight to move at Averitt Express. Along with operating throughout the US, the company also has operations in more than 100 countries around the world.

Award-Winning Carrier for Safety

As a top-rated safe trucking company, Averitt provides its drivers with everything they need to make their day to day duties a breeze. This includes having the newest trucking equipment and fleet tracking technology. Drivers for Averitt Express are able to improve their route times with tracking systems while also getting more out of every gallon fuel and hour on the engine. According to the chief operating officer and president at Averitt Express, Wayne Spain, “It is an honor to be recognized by the Tennessee Trucking Association. Our team is dedicated to promoting safe driving practices throughout our fleet, and we are continually striving to improve our performance.”

Averitt Express and Trucking Safety

To ensure every truck driver at Averitt Express starts out at the top with the most safety skills, every new hire goes through driver orientation. The carrier provides its truck driver orientation at the Cookeville, TN trucking terminal campus. Here drivers learn everything from how to drive protectively and how to report accidents. You also learn about hours of service rules and equipment maintenance for Averitt Express. After the orientation program is complete, truck drivers who are not yet ready for the road can start the Averitt Finishing School. This school gives the drivers everything needed to take the next step.

This includes safe driving skills and annual OSHA training program information. Drivers continue with training by having ongoing driver training in the classroom at the company terminals. Online safety courses are also eligible for Averitt drivers over the road who are working to maintain their safe driving skills. Once you start driving a truck for Averitt, you have access to all of the latest equipment and technology. This includes forward-facing event recorders, collision-avoidance technology, and lane-departure systems.

Working at Averitt Express

At Averitt Express, you can work in a variety of lanes and haul types. Whether you are interested in dry van freight loads or intermodal hauls with regional freight routes, we have you covered. We can help you find those jobs at Averitt here at Trucker Classifieds. See what kind of trucking jobs we have available near you today.

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