1. Does anyone have anything good or bad about AW Transport out of Glenview, IL? IM looking at leasing on with them. Thanks,


  2. Hell no don’t go! They are the worst people that are hard to get ahold of and once you do the rudest people you’ve ever dealt with. They promised $1.80 to $2.50 loads. NOWHERE near that (.80-$1.00 per loaded mile was the best we got) and the deductions (hidden especially) are ridiculous!! I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy! Good luck we’re still looking for a decent company that doesn’t spat a bunch of crap to get you to sign on with them. Oh yeah, it’s been 4 months, everything turned in and accounted for and nothing owed but still haven’t seen a penny of that $2000.00 escrow we paid!! So tired of ####ty, liar companies that build up your hopes just to stab you in the eye. Okay..rant over! Good luck driver!! :)


  3. Land star????


  4. Landstar? I was talking about AW Transport. I was answering the person that was asking about AW. :)


  5. Landstar what


  6. As a different company to go to.


  7. Oh I don’t know about that. I was just chatting with an O/O that has been at a power only company for 24 years that has close friends with Landstar and is saying they are pretty bad off right now (pay/load wise). I’m pretty sure the whole trucking industry is slowing to a crawl due to the oilfield recession, but hopefully something good will happen soon!! :)



  9. Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you guys I’m lease to these clowns right now and looking to split soon if things don’t improve before the month is thru. A buddy of mine just left for the same reason you guys split. You live and you learn I guess.


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  10. Oh I’m so sorry you’re stuck there for the moment!! Hope you at least get your escrow back! Yes you do live and learn that is for sure! Good luck to you driver! Let me know where you end up if you leave :)


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