Here we go again! Another JB Hunt adventure. After looking at all options I decided to stay with JB and transfer to OTR with them.

It is an emotional time for me because I am leaving my wonderful regional intermodal job with JB and leaving beloved North Texas, where I’ve lived most of my adult life, for Corpus Christi on the gulf. Quick! Before the Californians (sorry @otterinthewater ) discover it and send property prices to the moon there too.

Those of you who met me in my first thread, Back on the Road Lease Purchase with JB Hunt, know this has been a time of transition after I took a 3 year absence from trucking. The lease purchase was a year long disaster so I switched to company regional intermodal driver for them.

I had been driving local intermodal out of the same terminal when I tried semi-retirement so it was a simple transition. Just as transferring to OTR now was a snap.

Long first post so I will tell you more later. For now, I’m loading the new (35k miles) 72″ cascadia they’ve assigned me and getting ready to get back on the Big Road. Let’s go!



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