1. Stopped for the night in Brooks oregan pilot while passing through with my 4 year old in my travel trailer, got woken up in the middle of the night and kicked out was told I was not allowed to park for a single night even though I have a CDL and was on a road trip with family. Manager was rude and told me to find somewhere else to go immediately wtf I will blast this on every trucking forum I come across


  2. I am not sure what your gripe is, were you in a truck spot?


  3. Hey! No ELD! Drive on.


  4. A call to Pilot HQ in Tennessee is in order. Last time I checked they were a “travel center”, and customers in all types of vehicles are allowed to park there. Be sure to point out that you couldn’t park out front because of all the bobtail tractors and expediters taking up space in the RV-Auto section of their lot. I hope you got the individuals name.


  5. Good, u can litterally park anywhere with a frickin camper and u dont have a logbook to race against. Go find somewhere else to park


  6. Quit being cheap. Spend $10 and park your camper at a KOA where it belongs not a truck stop.


  7. Looks like we typed our responses at the same time.


  8. LOL great minds think alike


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    I’ve stopped at that truckstop many times. I’ll continue to do so. ‘Nuff said.


  10. If the shoe were on the other foot I’m sure the OP would be fine with seeing a RV in a truck spot at a “travel center” that fills up by mid afternoon as he’s circling looking for a place to land before his hours run out.


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