I have found that some batteries will last 5 years and some may may only last a couple of years, even the same brand. I generally get around 4 years though.

I never replace one battery, or two. I replace all of them every time.

I do not do anything special to make them last longer, except I have battery switches, so that there is no draw when sitting parked.

Volt meter gauge should be pushing the 14 volt mark, when charged. Ammeter should show a charge when you start one then work back to 0 before long.

The better the cables the faster you can jump one, cheap cables will get the job done, but it takes longer.
I am sure power packs are available that will start one, but the standard one like I have never would, especially in winter.

It does not take long for an alternator to charge them enough to start the truck, but am not sure they will ever fully charge them.
An alternator is really designed to maintain the charge, not charge batteries.

This depends on where I am at and how long I will be there, but I hate starting a cold engine once the temps get close to 0.

It doesn’t matter what kind or how new, but any draw will drain any batteries, the amount of draw determines the time.



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