Ok, I have never posted. I’ve been lurking on the board for 4 years reading all the negative remarks on a L/P. Did a lot of research and saved $15k for a down with $10k reserves. I found a truck, 2010 VNL with a D16. Payment will be $1,740 a month for 39 months. Got a 350k mile warranty on engine. Just had its overhaul done at a cost of $32k. Truck has 600k on it. Tranny, and other major running parts, 2 year/250k warranty with a $300 deductible and no fee to diagnose. Virgin rubber…yada yada. I know I’m good for at least 3 years…without a major expense. I do have an exit strategy for the truck…and no it’s not wrecking it or having it stolen. I live in Cali and the ARB will want it in 2023. Truck has 120inch ARI on it. Weight is 22k.

who would you lease to? I have 2 years dry, 2 years flat/step. I don’t like to tarp, but like the Conestoga trailers. I have 6 months refer and will NOT do that ever again! I would like flat/step without throwing tarps every day. I’ll throw them 2 or 3 times a month….

next, I’ve read a lot about the D16 being a pig and mechanical issues. Mine is the 500hp with ishift. So, do I pass on that engine or do I go for it…?



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