Let’s face it – after long hours on the road dealing with bad drivers and intense traffic, it feels good to park the truck, get out, and sit down for a delicious bite to eat. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, but when you’re constantly traveling for work you have to settle for second best. Truck stops don’t always have the finest quality food. Traditional restaurants, on the other hand, don’t always have convenient parking for your big rig. So where can you find the best truck stop restaurants in the U.S.? Whether you’re craving a basic burger and French fries or you’re looking to taste some local cuisine on the open road, there are some noteworthy restaurants to check out during your travels. Have you been to any of these spots?

best truck stop restaurants

Best Truck Stop Restaurants on the East Coast

Bangor, Maine is home to none other than author Steven King. However, Steven King’s house doesn’t hold a candle to Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant. Dysart’s is not only a convenient and stocked truck stop but is also a great restaurant. The restaurant serves fresh Maine seafood, like scallops and clams. The bakery serves delicious Maine blueberry pie! If you’re traveling down the east coast, you may be heading towards South of the Border in Hamer, South Carolina. Upon first glance, this truck stop is a total tourist trap. However, beyond the kitschy exterior are some great Mexican restaurants. You can even head on over to the amusement park before your meal!

Best Truck Stop Restaurants in the Midwest

Perhaps the most-famous truck stop in America is in Walcott, Iowa. Iowa 80 Truck Stop is famous for its various amenities. These include 24 private showers, a barber shop, a movie theater, and even a trucker museum! But its best feature is definitely its 300-seat restaurant. The restaurant has a 50-foot long salad bar and a delicious buffet including meatloaf, pork chops, and fried chicken. Another midwestern trucker staple is R Place Restaurant in Morris, Illinois. R Place is famous for its 4-pound burger. If you’re not willing to attempt the burger challenge, you can still enjoy amazing baked goods, omelets, skillets, and more.

Best Truck Stop Restaurants Down South

Texas is home to some of the best truck stops and restaurants in the country. Big Horn Travel Center in Fort Worth, Texas is one of the best truck stops in the state and has an incredible Friday night fish fry. Truckers from all over gather to eat the hand-breaded catfish with coleslaw and their famous bread pudding. Over on the Southern edge of the East coast is Newborn Truck Stop in Tallapoosa, Georgia. You’ll have the best banana pudding of your life at Newborn as well as anything else you can eat at their “Old Time” Buffet.

Best Truck Stop Restaurants Out West

Not totally on the West Coast, Johnstown, Colorado is home to Johnson’s Corner, one of the country’s best truck stop restaurants. Their restaurant has even been recognized by Travel & Leisure and the Foot Network. The restaurant is famous for its massive cinnamon rolls. You can try their cinnamon rolls at Walgreen’s and 7-Eleven, whom they distribute to. However, to get the most authentic and tasty version of the cinnamon rolls, you should go to Johnson’s Corner directly. Pea Soup Andersen’s in Santa Nella, California is home to Anton Andersen’s famous split pea soup. The restaurant is located right next to a gas station and a hotel, making it convenient for truckers! You can also try their famous hot onion rolls, fried chicken, and baked goods.

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