1. That affects you how ?


  2. Proof that Mercer is a crooked company and you would be smart to avoid them. Common sense really. Just helping people out.


  3. Every one else seems o.k. their they have 1000s of drivers.you always here bashing them.


  4. They don’t abide by their contracts and they abuse contractors. So yeah I will bash them till the cows come home.


  5. I’m sure a mod will be by shortly to close this thread down like the other one. The lengths people will go when they get butt hurt by their own mistakes simply amazes me.


  6. I posted two true articles that directly reflect Mercer’s integrity. I doubt the mod will shut that down. I’m not butt hurt, I just want the money I earned. I have kids to feed.


    mitmaks and jsnell Thank this.

  7. Boo hooing and posting old news wont make it happen any faster. Read your lease, man up and do what ya gotta do. There’s steps you have to take that you agreed to when you signed on the dotted line. Simple as that.


  8. Why didn’t I think of that. I sure am glad you are obsessed with my posts and follow me around this forum giving me unsolicited advice or attack my integrity even though we’ve never met. What would I do without you RustyBolt?


  9. You’d probable keep crying about your own screw up


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