1. 637D AZ.jpg

    Heres a nice picture of a 637D in Mesa, AZ 1988.


  2. How’s that handle turns? Does the machine articulate to follow the lead trailer?


  3. Yes it does. A scraper on a dolly is one of the easiest things to bring around a corner. They are a pain in the ### to dolly up tho lots and lots of work involved in that setup. We used to have a massive set of ramps that we would set down behind the lead in order to load after dollying. It also took some fairly large chains to chain the can up, if you didn’t the hydraulics would bleed off during transit and could cause a wreck.


  4. Yes. Handles like a dream. I really enjoyed hauling them like this rather than on the CA 9 axle.


  5. I have a couple old scraper dollies in my yard, the hands asked what they where and if we could go back to hauling scrapers. The answer from my dad and I was a resounding hell no unless there was nothing else to haul. At one point we had a sixteen wheel basket which wasn’t near as much work but it didn’t pull as good.


  6. Your so right about the basket dolly. The stinger dolly worked great for me cuz there was nothing bigger in my area. I had a system down where I could load a 37 or a 31 by myself in 1 hour if everything went “perfectly” & wasnt going far but usually it took 1.5 hrs. to load. About 2 hrs. when loading for distance.


  7. Had a private chat with a Bullhaulerswife last night and she started it for us…
    Thank her….
    Oh and Our favorite guy from England says Hi…


  8. What exactly is required to become a mod? Just curious…


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