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    Just bought a 2015 bigtex ac20 wedge trailer. Paid $5250 for the trailer. Had my buddy pick it up for me as I was on the road and didn’t want it getting sold. Anyway when I connected it to my truck I noticed it’s lower on the passenger side. The twist is forward of the axles because the rear is straight. Couldn’t find any damage on the frame but for sure it’s twisted. Any advice on what I should do. Can a shop fix this and what would something like that cost? Thanks in advance, the trailer is a nice trailer with electric over hydraulic brakes and 10k oil bath hub so I’m still happy with the purchase but trailer looks stupid right now. Would like to fix it


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    few more pics


  3. not sure about the trailer leaning to one side but your hitch height looks a little low based on the pics. if you do a hard turn like a u turn your trailer may touch the bed of your truck if your loaded. have you checked the suspension on that side?


  4. Thanks for the reply, when I first connected my old trailer I did have contact between truck and trailer. Was bummed out because truck was still new. Over it now, I think the current height will be okay. All leaf springs seem fine and like I said it’s straight at the rear. You can definitely tell the trailer twist at the front. I’m going to try getting some quotes tomorrow.


  5. Was it built twisted by the factory?


  6. I sure hope not. No I’m pretty sure it was in a wreck at on point. I took it to a couple local trailer shops. One guy noticed that the kingpin tube was replaced so raises some questions. It might not even be twisted in the frame. The tube may have been welded in not straight and that’s what’s making it twist. At this point I’m going to do a trip with it because all the shops are booked for at least another week. Everyone that looked at it said I’ll be fine running it as is but it looks so stupid that I will be looking to getting it fixed as long as it’s not too much. I was quoted $2500 by one shop and another one said they can’t give me a quote on frame work but can be as much as 5k which is what I paid for the trailer so not a option. I’ll update if I get it fixed.


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