1. How did I let myself get talked into another western load? But I did. Now I’m heading from Boise to laredo. Utah map says take 15 to 6 to 191? What say you?


  2. I would go directly south to yuma arizona.
    I 10 to fort Stockton.
    285 into Laredo.
    Longer but thats just me


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  3. You can go directly south to yuma from SLC?


  4. Yeah. Do what the utah map says All good roads and the weather is cooperating at the mo, Sunday we’re supposed to get a bit of snow but you should be well through by then


  5. We’re in the south. He uses a reckon ball…reckon so.


  6. Yuma is pretty far out of route but I did consider taking 93 through Kingman to Phoenix.


  7. I would’ve never fallen for it if Bolt Goat were with me. He has boundaries.


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  8. Not leaving until Monday. Snow is not my friend.


  9. map.png


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