My last load delivered in Chesapeake Virginia today. I had five 1500’s and 1 Blazer.
Before I had unloaded the first 1500 I ran into trouble. The first truck to come off was only a 2 door 2-wheel drive with a long bed. I guess I got a little bit careless with keeping the momentum going over the bumps. It was also raining moderately during this time. The second time it sllid over to the right I knew I was in big trouble. I got out of the truck to take a peek and the body was butted up against the hydraulic cylinder. The truck was split over the shotgun between two decks.

I thought for sure that I would have to call a wrecker but as I thought about it I realized that the reason it slid over to begin with is because there was no weight back there in the bed. It was a long shot but I decided to unwind one of the straps and connect it to the leaf spring and place the hook in the floor. It took a lot of cranking using two different ratchets and straps but I somehow managed to pull it over to the middle of the deck. When I disconnected both of the straps I managed to back it off the truck. I got out and looked and there was absolutely no damage anywhere to be found.

The only downfall to this whole idea is with the hook connected to the leaf spring and the other hook down in the floor I was actually pulling down towards the floor of the deck. I think I’m going to have to find a type of strap that I can wrap around a wheel and place the hook through there so that I’m pulling more straight From the Bottom rather than pulling down.

Those decks are designed so there will be minimal sliding. It may be a matter of just getting some sort of a chain with rings on the end and being able to make some sort of sleeve to go around it so that I can wrap it around a wheel without damaging anything. I can’t tell you when the last time was that this happened but it sure would be nice to be prepared next time. How nothing God damaged is nothing short of amazing.
I sure did luck out this time!



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