When it comes to the SmartWay Partner Program, there are literally hundreds of trucking companies enrolled. Carriers of all sizes and revenues are part of the program, and getting to enjoy the benefits of fuel-efficient technology as a result. For one trucking company though, it is more than just a partnership. At Boyle Transportation, the goal has been to achieve SmartWay High Performer Status—and they have reached that monumental marker.

What is the SmartWay Program

semi truck for boyle transportation over the roadIf you are new to the trucking industry, the SmartWay Program is provided via the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Companies that have partnered with the program provide their driver data to the EPA for testing on emissions reductions. The goal is to find out the best technology to reduce and hopefully one day eliminate emissions in the trucking industry.

Through transportation management strategies, the EPA is able to help trucking companies that are partners to improve their emissions reductions methods. This might be by cutting down on fuel use through changing driver behaviors or by retrofitting engines to give off fewer emissions. There are so many new technologies being put on the market these days to reduce emissions. Being part of the SmartWay Program allows companies to take advantage of these before other carriers.

About SmartWay High Performers

So what is a SmartWay High Performer then? Well, in the SmartWay Program all of the partners are consistently measured according to carbon, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxide metrics. These metrics are used to determine how fuel-efficient and carbon-friendly trucks within the fleet are operating. Those trucking companies that have exceptional metrics are considered SmartWay High Performers.

The SmartWay High Performers status is not given to all partnering companies in the SmartWay Program. In fact, less than 10 percent of all of the partners in the program are able to achieve the status at any given time. The trucking companies that are included in the list are doing more than just reducing carbon emissions. The EPA reports that these carriers are also consuming thousands of gallons of diesel fuel fewer than the competitors that are not in the program.

Think about all of that money saved by these companies. Those savings can be put to better use on newer trucking equipment, better driver pay rates, driver bonuses, and other solutions to boost the trucking industry. Trucking companies like Boyle Transportation that are involved in this program are at the eco-advantage in fuel efficiency.

Driving a Truck for Boyle Transportation

At Boyle Transportation, truck drivers are working for a carrier that has been in the industry for more than 40 years. That equates to plenty of haul experience and time spent improving operations for their trucking fleet. And it shows. Today the trucking company continues to strive to provide all varieties of the best freight hauling services in several markets. Boyle handles hazardous materials, temperature-controlled reefer freight, small shipments in LTL freight, expedited loads, and dedicated hauls.

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Why Work for Boyle

At Boyle, the truck drivers have a turnover rate of less than 10 percent annually. In addition, the carrier strives to hire mostly military veteran truck drivers. If you have previously been in the National Guard, Reserves, or military service but have transitioned or are transitioning to a civilian career, consider Boyle. You will be working on a fleet of drivers who are just like you—experienced 88M truck drivers in the military trying to become a commercial driver in the US trucking industry.

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