1. Hey ya’ll , I’m an owner op, I’ve been doing flatbed for the last 10 yrs. I recently had a breakdown that put me behind for a day and a half. I kept in contact with my receiver, made arrangements for a new delivery the following morning, they were completely cool. An hour later the broker, without my knowledge called the receiver, told them to go home, and that we’d keep the load on the trailer until after Christmas then unload it. Two problems, Christmas is 10 days away, and it’s my trailer. I’ve never had this happen, they say their trying to find a solution, but that was 2 days ago. Any suggestions?


  2. Ask for storage fee? (Not an o/o) but wish you good luck


  3. The receiver is not your customer, the broker is.
    Your first call should have been to the broker.
    My bet is the broker is mad you contacted his customer and therefore is reacting the way he is.
    This should be a lesson for the next time something like this happens.


  4. Oh no the broker was in the loop the whole time, it was a middle manager who took it upon himself to call. We all need to stop making excuses for brokers, this isn’t my first rodeo I know how the game is played, I dont believe I started that the receiver was my customer, I may be mistaken. If the broker gives me the receivers contact info to schedule my appointment, well that’s what I do.


  5. So call the receiver back and work it out with him. I’m sure they would rather have the load before Christmas anyway. F the broker.


  6. Well they went home, which is on the other side of the country. I’ve found a solution, I’ve gotta forklift coming tomorrow to unload me, the brokers supposedly paying for it, I’m charging Robinson $450 a day for storage if they dont pay I have a few tricks I’ve learned, to make them pay.


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  7. Holy ####, that’s horrible. I’d find out where the broker is and just drop the trailer blocking their doors and tell them it’s fine. Just keep it there till after Christmas.


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  8. No s%$#, but it’s my trailer, believe me I thought about unchaining and making a hard right turn in front of there office, but well you know.


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  9. Partially disagree with this. You should always be in contact with both. Never trust the broker to let the receiver know what’s going on no matter who it is. They’re all used car salesman.


  10. What’s your tricks?


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