1. I have HBP, Sleep Apnea (Untreated), and type 2 diabetes. What will happen if I just check no on the health problems and medications questions on my physical and pass my physical? Should I even mention it to the doctor?


  2. how will you beat the bp check tho. the sugar will show in your pee cup. everything else you can check what ever


  3. My BP is under control as long as I take my 4 BP pills a day. So is my diabetes when I take my Metformin. I just don’t want to tell the doctor I’m on medication.


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  4. My BP med or Metformin never showed.
    Stay off the sweets and do some serious walking a few days before the physical and nothing to eat or drink after midnight on the day of the physical. Water only; no coffee.
    I was taking Diovan for BP and it was always borderline and had to lay down for a few minutes to get a passing grade. Doctor switched my medication to Telmisartan and now BP is perfect every time.
    Last time she put the cuff on my arm and I held my arm elevated. She said, “What in the world are you doing with your arm in the air?” I told her some drivers on TTR said it helps get a lower reading. She laughed and said, “That’s not true” with a cute little Chinese hottie giggle.


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  5. So you never told them about your meds?


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  6. You DO NOT want to lie on a DOT physical. DOT physicals are more thorough than ever. Seeing that you mentioned you re a diabetic, you better hope and pray you re not spilling any sugar into your urine. You may very well screw yourself and end up getting a 3 month card vs a 1 or 2 year card


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  7. Meh. I’ll take my chances.


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  8. One time I mentioned the Diovan so went on a 1 yr. card after that. That’s stressful, knowing a new physical is required every 12 months.


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  9. Sure, in this day and age, why not? It’s a great way to start a new career, especially one where the public is involved. I tell ya’ folks, this takes the cake.:biggrin_25512:


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