1. The boss just supplied us with new ‘20 LT’s. First truck I’ve ever had with signal flasher cancel feature. I hate it!!! It shuts off way too soon and if navigating right turns, it shuts off when I don’t want it too at all. Can it be disengaged?


  2. Well…………, you might be able to break it so it doesn’t cancel, I’m not sure.
    Probably not a good thing to do, but you could try holding the signal stick in left turn mode and crank the wheel in the opposite direction.
    Don’t know what else it might break, imagine it could be disastrous with these new techno trucks and all the doodads in the steering column.


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  3. I have that on my truck and I hate it!. it cancel the signal in the middle of a turn when is need it the most…


  4. Exactly! It shut off on me on a jughandle right turn in a busy intersection during rush hour and an oncoming car wouldn’t back up. When they finally did back up the driver screamed at me that my turn signal wasn’t on. I hadn’t noticed that it had shut off bcuz I was busy focusing on not clipping anything or taking a lamppost down, lol!! I guess I’ll have to hold it down next time.


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  5. Our company leases the trucks from Ryder. I will be asking about it next time it goes in for PM.


  6. Geeze I hadn’t thought of that. Idk if I wanna try that. Could get myself in a load of trouble if it breaks the signal or anything else.


  7. baha

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    They wear out fast if you are stuck sitting in truck for a long time waiting for fcfs door and work it back and forth till it Quits Ft. tires had spots it from tires ground into pavement ?


  8. I would get a pair of pliers and snip the #### thing. Then install a aftermarket flasher.


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