With approval from the mods i will be starting the CB shop blacklist.

The intended purpose of this is to inform others about CB techs who do poor work and or poor customer service in general so that they will not make the same mistake. When you list a shop tell us who and where they are located and also what they did to you or your equipment that warranted them to be put on this list.

> Please base your opinion on experience and not just word of mouth <

Thanks once more to the mods for allowing me/us to do this!

Potters electronics ( triple R ) in Hickory NC.
This guy is a class A hack job! He is very high on all of his prices and does some of the most shotty work i have ever seen. I took a radio to him before i learned what not should be done to a radio. He advertised on the radio that he could make any export radio swing 100 watts from a 2 watt key so i let him do the mod to my radio. After mods no one could understand me if they were within 2 miles of me. It was that distorted! Sure it showed the power but it was so over modulated that unless a person was several miles from me it sounded like shizt. He charged $125.00 for this. He is also the only tech i have ever seen that would cause a radio to transmit on more than one channel at the same time. I’m not talking about bleed over ( did that to ) No. This radio would actualy transmit on say channel 3 and 23 at the same time,you could hear it just as clearly on either channel!

Pro-tech cb. West Memphis AR.
These guys are more of the same. Clipping this and spreading out the little copper coils in the back of the radio are their ideas of high quality radio work. Althought they do have an exstenvie amount of radios,antennas,coax and such to choose from i will never take another radio to them!

Channel 5 CB shop…same location.
More of the same type of mods as most other cb shops push. More clipping and more poorly tuned radios. When i bought a new Galaxy 99 from them they did a half azzed tune to it. A $450.00 dollar radio that had poor receive not only on AM but SSB as well. Was not on frequency on SSB and sounded like complete shizt on SSB as well because of impropper alingment of the driver and final bias. Was over modulated and distored up close on AM. I will say that they do have more than one tech so the other techs may be better than the young skinny kid who did my radio.

CB shop located at the Watts RD ex beside the TA T stop just past the scales going west bound on I40 in Knoxville TN.
I dont know if they are still there and i also cant remember the name but this shop was one of those hack it clip it and send it out the door fast kinda shop. Did a tune up on a Cobra 29 for me along with an echo board install. Costed $90.00 and ended up with another radio that souned like ####. Let em set your SWR and maybe wire a mike but i would not let em in your radio!

CB shop located at the T stop off of Lovell Rd,Knowxville TN.
Poor work and none os the requried test equipment to set a radio corectly,only a muti meter and a Dosy meter. This has been a few years ago but if he is still there,be warned!

CB tech named Hotrod located behind the loves truck stop at ex 412 ( i think ) off of I40 Just outside of Knowville TN.
Hotrod is a good guy but he is just like everyone else. Does the same type of mods and is high on is work. The last radio i got from him ( new Connex 4800) although it was loud and clear the receive was weak and the radio was not on frequency on AM or SSB. He is just like everyone else. Tunes a export radio for max power but does nothing else to the radio at all!



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