Ok, what you should do is preplan better. If they gave you a ROUTE to follow, for fuel as you say, there is a stack of books from the company with approved fuel stops on that route. Be a good boy and plan around those stops only.

As far as the dispatching to a place loading or unloading, you call it in if you are late. Dont take a load you are already late on without getting a new appt.

Document actual situation naming names, who gave you the load at what exact date, time and where you were when you got it. Keep the qualcomm messages on record so it’s evidence. You already know you will be late somewhere by a certain time. Make a case of it.

You will eventually be fired on a few service failures. Don’t just meekly do nothing. You are a Trucker. And everything that goes with it as the Agent of your Company. If you see a problem, talk to people in a position to fix it. Otherwise you are a stick in the mud and will be fired.

I hate to be difficult. I understand that sometimes a company is horrible. But if you stay with them and continue to self punish yourself with someone so horrible what does that make you? So you had a bad day running late. Big deal. And you were told to use certain roads with certain fuel stops. Big deal.

Do your best. Maybe one day you will save up millions, buy the company and then get to tell your drivers how to do the work.



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