1. Has anyone else had issues with CH Robinson reopening closed claims? This summer they tried to open a claim on me but I sent in the evidence & was found to not be at fault- I got paid case closed. Now 6 months later they have reopened this claim & are holding a payment from a recent load I did for them unrelated to the one they have a claim on. They even sent me the original photos I had sent them from the summer as my evidence as THEIR evidence against me. They tried to get me to sign some paperwork saying I would get my money when the paperwork clearly stated I would be accepting fault & responsible for they payment. Anyone dealt with this? Or any insight to my rights? At this point I want to get an attorney


  2. File a claim against their bond immediately. They flat out are not allowed to withhold payment for freight over a damage claim. The law clearly spells this out.


    Bean Jr. and Hyecarolina Thank this.

  3. Double jeopardy isn’t allowed.

    Stealing is a crime.


  4. Would you by chance know where I can find information about this law so I can out it in their face?


  5. Um…
    That only applies to criminal cases, not civil cases.
    And since there has been no court case anyway…


  6. Thanks everyone! I am 13 hours total arguing hours into this- Every time I shut down whatever bull they are telling me they come up with something new-


  7. mhyn

    Road Train Member

    op remember if you file a claim against CHRW bond they will stop your T# forever… just think about it if you do many of theirs loads.


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