Chattanooga is a city by the river. Bounded on three sides. all 4 sides are essentially mountain walls.

The most dangerous one is to the east. You want to drop down that one when the temperature chart for tomorrow is late enough in the morning to be above 32 degrees to avoid the ice fog and other hazards through this developing storm.

We did not get a flake of snow where i am but this is a classic southern storm like I predicted the other day to someone from DC wanting to go to Dallas to get a car and drive back. I recommended to them to run WVa and Kentucky and then Oklahoma to get around this new storm and lo and behold here we are without a drop of rain in those 4 states right now. But that will close in a few days when the western part of the weather moves east and how.

They are running scared already in the NE. And the storm is not even moving east very much just yet. Tennessee is just a advance gaurd.



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