I completely forgot one other thing.

Your CDL. It’s earned by you and a License to go and generate this income in a Professional Manner and so forth.

It can and WILL absolutely be stripped from you for non payment of child support. The state giveth, the state taketh. Follow me?

Even talking about the possibility or question about having a future employer or boss short your overall income to cheat your exwife using the very state’s collection (Enforcement) against her. Is discoverable and can be used against you. I understand you had a question and asked it. But I strongly suggest you delete this stuff when you have the answers you seek, somewhat soon.

As far as I am concerned this is strictly a what if talk and I told you all I know about this kind of situation. Just be careful.

I keep thinking of the kids. Im sure you love them and all that. Be very careful with the idea that your exwife is not spending the money on them as required. That can burn you really bad if it is ever wrong. Follow me?



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