Thats a pretty good write up there, appreciate it.

Ive always liked my women with a little bit of sass and sometimes a fast draw wit to resolve a situation is very good fr them. I pretty much take them as they come and deal with them on a case by case basis and generally speaking not too many in the end were remembered for a variety of reasons. One in particular early in our life her father was a monster, a predator who sexually abused and hurt her in many ways before she had a chance in those tender years. I did not pursue her when she wanted things to be somewhat different for herself. Men were not accomodating by and large for her.

The father passed on in a manner befitting his crimes. No one did anything to him. He acquired a form of rot a old word of the sea would be caled “Gangrene” which literally is death starting local and then racing through his systm as septis. Be it far from her to wish anything bad to him…



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