1. I have a clean MC over 3 years old. I had got the DOT and MC to start my own thing but never got to it. The company is clean and has 3 years of history. Please PM me if interested.


  2. You have been carrying your liability insurance for 3 years and have an active dot number and yet never got to pulling loads? Need more info.


  3. Is it in your name or is there a company owning it?


  4. Never used it, but it has a history, hmmm
    What is the deal with folks wanting to buy MC numbers?


  5. Military just opened, what does this mean?


  6. is the mc# still for sale


  7. Like quality-cotton said…is the mc still for sale?


  8. Yes very interested. Call me 951-359-3333 my name is josette


  9. selling my mc number active since 2005 and have satisfactory rating..


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