1. I decided to start a thread on here about Climate Express. They fly very much under the radar. After spending so much time rehabbing my life from drug issues, the light has shown. 8 years after a failed drug test, and 7 years after my last misdemeanor, I can breathe. I took a chance and applied to Climate, based in Union, MO. I began orientation this past Monday, and I got my first dispatch today on a load going to Georgia. The orientation is short, 3 days. They’ll get you a room at Super 8 Motel. It’s the standard safety classes, road tests, physical, and UA. The whole fleet is an all Volvo fleet, but these trucks are nice! No older than 2017 models. They started me out 48 cpm, not the highest, but raises are uncapped. I surprisingly had a couple of offers, but everyone at Climate is personable, and nice, it made an impression on me, and I decided this is where I want to be. The family atmosphere from drivers, to maintenance, to dispatch, so far has been impressive. They are willing to give chances to people. They hire ex felons, and folks with records. They only go back three years in terms of drug tests and criminal records. They set the trucks at 65, that works for me… big on safety and taking care of the equipment. They’re main running lanes go from St. Louis, and loads go to Denver, Dallas, many parts of PA, and to the Carolinas. Anything west of Denver isnt forced dispatch. Northeast isnt forced dispatch. The main running lanes are. This is what Climate Express is like so far, I’ll check in with updates as time passes.


  2. Impressive!!! 100% no-touch freight.

    • 2016-2019 assigned Volvo 670’s & 760’s.
    • 12 speed Automatics with the I-shift.
    • 53ft Vans & Reefers.
    • APU’S, Duel Antenna’s, Scales on truck & trailers , Built in refrigerators in the 760’s.


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  4. Congrats on your success OVERALL, @bryan21384 . Impressive, for sure….~!


  5. What’s their average length of haul for OTR


  6. Yeah, definitely add that to the Rolodex, China. I’ve never heard of ’em. Impressive, for sure~!


  7. Subscribed best of luck to you.


  8. Good luck at your new gig!


  9. Yea Tom I imagine Chinas Rolodex is extremely large!


  10. Over a terabyte, methinks~! ;)


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