1. I’ve been searching for Companies that have Peterbilt only, majority fleets. I’ve been able to come up with a couple of few but I know there are more. Part of my search did include this site, but not much came up. So I thought I’d tap into everyone’s amazing knowledge here again. Bear with me, I know this is not a real hot type of topic, but I have my reasons for asking. Thanks in advance, and ya’all have good one! :biggrin_25514: :biggrin_255: :biggrin_25522: Also I hope this is the right place to put this, if not could ya please move it to where ever it might belong….Thanks again.


  2. All Star Transport (Tankers) in clearwater Florida and Delaware has an all Peterbilt fleet..379EXHD’s..nice trucks.


  3. Hurricane express, Ar—–Decker, Ft.Dodge, Ia——-Kennesaw, Atlanta,Ga——-Gainey, Mi———Transco Lines, Russellville, Ar———Now remember, companies are forever adjusting their fleets. What was 100% Petes last month could be 90% this month. In fact,Kennesaw is running Pro-Stars as well.


  4. isnt TMC pretty much all petes..and my company is too…we have 8 trucks 6 379s and 2 W9s


  5. TMC was on my list already but I thank you sir, and ain’t they starting to get some 387’s, but I guess them are Petes to. I was kinda meaning 379s, 389s, but I guess I didn’t say that …huh? I guess they don’t have to be 100%, but a good percentage of the fleet would work for what I’m lookin at. Well anyway please keep them coming. :biggrin_25514:


    Honkytonk379 Thanks this.

  6. Will Trans is all Petes from What I have heard. Add Dillion aand Magnum Transportation too. Some companies like Werner have some Petes.



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  7. They are mostly 387’s now though I believe. They used to run 379’s but have switched over to the 387’s.


  8. :biggrin_25525: Outerspacehillbilly, now that’s quite a name! I consider myself an Old HillBilly. So is Outerspacehillbilly one of newer better models or ? :biggrin_2559:


  9. LMAO, :biggrin_2559: My boss I used to work for always told me I was out there in space somewhere with stuff I used to come up with on the drop of a dime. My cb handle was hillbilly so I combined the 2 and started going by outerspacehillbilly. :biggrin_25525:


  10. you should be more concerned more about how much money you make and what kind of bennies you get than what kind of truck you drive


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